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Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

General Education Goals

The University is dedicated to providing all undergraduate students with a common core of knowledge, skill, and academic experience.  This general education curriculum provides the foundation for subsequent specialized study in the student’s major discipline area.  The University of South Carolina is in the process of updating this curriculum, ensuring that it remains current and prepares students for productive and meaningful engagement as world citizens equipped for life-long learning.  The current General Education goals are outlined below:

  1. Students communicate clearly in written English, demonstrating their ability to comprehend, analyze and interrogate critically.
  2. Students perform basic mathematical manipulations, display facility with the use of mathematics in framing concepts for mathematical analysis, and interpret data intelligently.
  3. Students demonstrate an understanding of physical and/or life science phenomena and the use of scientific methods and theories.
  4. Students demonstrate an understanding of the processes of human behavior and social and cultural interaction, as well as the use of social and behavioral science perspectives to interpret them.
  5. Students demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of culture over time and its relation to the present.
  6. Students communicate orally and in writing in another language.
  7. Students demonstrate an appreciation of literary, visual or performing arts and their cultural context, as well as express informed personal responses to artistic creations.