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Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP)

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The CIRP Freshman Survey is designed for administration to incoming first-year students before they start classes at the University of South Carolina. The instrument collects extensive information that allows for a snapshot of what incoming students are like before they experience college. Key sections of the survey examine:

  •  Established behaviors in high school
  •  Academic preparedness
  •  Admissions decisions
  •  Expectations of college
  •  Interactions with peers and faculty
  •  Student values and goals
  •  Student demographic characteristics
  •  Concerns about financing college

Participating in the CIRP Freshman Survey provides an institutional profile, which includes institutional results broken out by sex, full and part-time status, comparisons with other similar institutions, significance testing, effect sizes, CIRP Constructs and Theme reports, a data file of student responses, a PowerPoint presentation, a Graduation Rate Calculator; and a monograph summarizing the national results.

To learn more about the CIRP, please visit the Higher Education Research Institute website:

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Through its student survey, The College Student Report, NSSE annually collects information at the university about first-year and senior students' participation in programs and activities that the University of South Carolina provides for their learning and personal development. The results provide an estimate of how undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending college.

NSSE provides the institution with a variety of reports that compares University of South Carolina students' responses with those of students at self-selected groups of comparison institutions.

Survey items from the NSSE represent empirically confirmed "good practices" in undergraduate education. NSSE does not assess student learning directly, but survey results point to areas where the university is performing well and aspects of the undergraduate experience that could be improved.

To learn more about NSSE please visit the National Survey of Student Engagement website:

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