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Department of Political Science

My Poli

My Poli is the information resource page for current Political Science Department faculty and staff members, and students. This page is here to provide you with the information that you need.

Undergraduate Resources

Political Science Major Worksheet [pdf] – a complete list of all requirements for the political science major, along with a list of all courses by field, a definition and a few examples of interest areas, options for majors, and other information.

International Studies Major Worksheet [pdf] – a complete list of all requirements for the international studies major, along with major options and other information.

Department of Political Science Internship FAQ Sheet [pdf]– everything you need to know about internships – what they are, where to find them, eligibility requirements to earn academic credit, and how to register for POLI 379, the internship class.

Undergraduate Studies Bulletin - students can access all majors and minors here, as well as course descriptions and university academic policies.

Carolina Core - an updated complete list of all Carolina Core courses.

College of Arts & Sciences Undergaduate Resources - a link to the College of Arts & Sciences that accesses the advising handbook, commonly used forms, and other helpful information.

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