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Department of Statistics

Graduate Students

Name Office Email Website Keywords
(hidden column)
Bussing, Anderson LeConte 228    
Cai, Yizhou LeConte 211    
Chang, Le LeConte 111    
Chen, Zhixin LeConte 204    
Chen, Fanghua    
Das, Dip    
Custer, David    
Duan, Jiasong LeConte 111    
Fan, Sijian LeConte 111    
Fatema, Kaniz    
Gao, Cenxiao LeConte 111    
Harrold, Brian LeConte 111    
Hong, Qingyuan LeConte 209    
Kim, Jihyun LeConte 227  
Li, Yizeng LeConte 209    
Lindborg, Jeddiah LeConte 111    
Mao, Yuchen LeConte 221    
Ni, Peter LeConte 111    
Sanchez, Hagen    
Sanim, Md. Ariful Islam    
Shan, Tong LeConte 221    
Shen, Qinyan LeConte 227    
Shafique, Mohiuddin Ibn LeConte 111    
Song, Shuqi LeConte 204    
Stein, Ailish LeConte 111    
Wang, Shijie LeConte 209    
Woolsey, Nicholas LeConte 228    
Yang, Shuyi LeConte 204    
Yang, Xunan    
Yang, Yun LeConte 227    
Yu, Zehao LeConte 209    
Zhan, Yanyan    
Zhao, Zile LeConte 221    
Zhi, Xin LeConte 221    









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