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Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Actress smiling on stage in front of piano

Our Guiding Values

These are the guiding values of the University of South Carolina MFA Acting Program.

  • Inclusivity


    Value all genders, all sizes, all sexual orientations, all abilities. Include consent-based theatre practice in classes and rehearsals. Work for racial equity in the academy, in the arts, in the community. De-center dominant white cultural norms, so other perspectives can breathe and grow. Seek stories that come from and speak to marginalized communities. 

  • Authenticity


    Be honest with yourself and others. Open up and communicate. Strive to tell the truth, to speak up for yourself, and to listen wholeheartedly. 

  • Curiosity


    Embrace uncertainty and unknowing as a necessary part of learning. Don't rely on assumptions. Seek to discover something unexpected in yourself and others, and in the work. 

  • Connection


    Serve something greater than yourself with your work. Connect to your larger purpose as an artist and a person. Serve your partner onstage and off to do their best work. Believe in yourself and in others, in the spirit of collaboration. Strive for a sense of play and humor in the process.

  • Vulnerability


    Vulnerability is powerful, onstage and off. Let yourself be moved, by your partners, your ensemble, by the natural world, by your community. Embrace inter-dependence and not knowing everything. Forgive yourself and others as often as possible. 

  • Embodiment


    Our bodies contain knowledges and wisdom, and a capacity to speak the truth without words. Our bodies connect us to each other and to the natural world we are part of. Our bodies and minds are not separate, but deeply interconnected. Self-care of your own bodymind is essential in this work. 

  • Transformation


    Let yourself change. Let others change. Embrace the mystery.


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.