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School of Visual Art and Design

  • Meanderings exhibition

Tori Lent: Meanderings

March 28 - April 1, 2022

An MFA Thesis Exhibition

Artist Statement

My work explores the effect of conversation through ceramic art and performance. The layers of color, texture, and form emphasize how all things change through growth, interaction, and time.

For this exhibition, I have reached out to the viewer so they may interact with the work and leave their stories behind. The interaction adds to the continuation of growth through community and storytelling.

Each piece is a part of the whole body of work; through the interaction with the viewer, the exhibition will change each day to recreate the arc of growth we all experience throughout our lives.

About Tori Lent

Tori Lent grew up in the rural farming town of Afton, NY. The valley she grew up in relies heavily on family and community to function daily. Even in today’s world, cellular service, and the internet are spotty and hard to get in some areas, making word of mouth and storytelling a prominent way to communicate.

Growing up in a culture of storytelling inspires Tori to listen and appreciate the many stories she hears from strangers and close friends. She has worked in many three-dimensional materials over the years, working first in steel and bronze and then falling in love with ceramics in my undergrad. She interned at C&P Studios in Afton for one summer, inspiring her to continue to study ceramics here at UofSC.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.