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Genetic Counseling

There’s never been a better time to be a genetic counselor. Opportunities abound in any number of university, hospital, laboratory, research and industry settings. With a master's in genetic counseling, you’ll be ready for the workforce and a challenging, rewarding health professional career in one of the most dynamic areas of medicine.

What does it mean to be a genetic counseling student? 

At the University of South Carolina it means you become part of the team from day one: an engaged learner in our genetics center. You'll have an experienced faculty who are open door mentors in your preparation for this career. You'll have access in the classroom and in the clinic to the genetic counselor faculty and geneticists in our rotation network of twelve genetic centers. The world of genetic counseling will unfold for you in two very busy years.

Our goal is to provide a strong foundation in genetic concepts and interpersonal communication to prepare our students for the dozens of roles open to genetic counselors today. Upon graduation, our students will demonstrate advanced knowledge in genetics, genomics and psychosocial skills and will be equipped to collaborate with an interprofessional team to provide patient centered care in a variety of settings.

You can meet our faculty and learn more about the genetic counseling profession in our Genetic Counseling Online Course

Our Mission

Foster the development of knowledgeable and compassionate genetic counselors through interprofessional education and community engagement.

Our Vision

Advance the integration of genomic medicine into diverse healthcare systems and communities through leadership, advocacy and education.


Our Degree Program

Rigorous coursework, community service, challenging fieldwork experiences and a research-based thesis will provide opportunity for tremendous professional growth. 

We've been perfecting our curriculum for more than 30 years to connect the knowledge with the skills you’ll need as a genetic counselor. We’ve received highly acclaimed Commendations for Excellence from the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education - Our reputation for excellence is known at home and abroad. We carefully review more than 150 applications per year to select the nine students who will graduate from the School of Medicine Genetic Counseling Program. Our alumni are our proudest accomplishment and work in the best genetic centers throughout the country. They build on our foundation to achieve goals in clinical care, education, research and industry beyond what we imagined.

First in the Southeast and tenth in the nation, we have graduated more than 250 genetic counselors, many of whom are leading the profession today. 

  • 100% average retention rate for past 3 years
  • 84% average first-time board pass rate for past 3 years 
  • 100%  job placement rate for past 3 years

The Genetic Counseling Program at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine is accredited (2022-2029) by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling, Inc., 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Ste. 300, McLean, VA 22102.  Telephone: (703) 506 - 7667

Our Faculty 

You'll have the chance to form lifelong partnerships with our core and fieldwork faculty. Build your professional network with genetic counselors and geneticists throughout the Southeast.

Our Alumni

One of our program's greatest assets is our alumni. This dedicated group regularly teaches and mentors our students, serves on our advisory board, and raises money for our endowment. You'll enjoy the instant connection when meeting other USC Genetic Counseling graduates. As a student, you'll benefit from the alumni network and all they have to offer you. Check out our Facebook group.

Join Us

The future of genetic counseling is yours. Invest your talents ... you'll be amazed at the deeply satisfying opportunities to serve. We welcome your interest and look forward to helping you take the next step on your path to becoming a genetic counselor.

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