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School of Medicine Columbia

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Support Our Mission

Donors have many reasons to give to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. For some, a medical breakthrough discovered within our labs may have saved his/her life, or the life of a loved one. For others, the desire to improve health in South Carolina drives giving.

Your support helps us sustain a legacy of advancement in healthcare in South Carolina and beyond through medical education, research and patient care. Everything you do to help advance our mission is greatly appreciated.

  • Support Student Scholarships  Scholarships are critically important because they enable us to attract and recruit the most talented students and build a pipeline of future physicians for our state and beyond. By supporting student scholarships, you can directly impact the lives of our students.
  • Support Medical Breakthroughs  Every day, University of South Carolina School of Medicine scientists and investigators are unraveling the mysteries of illnesses that cripple our community, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases and disorders, and pain therapy.
  • Extend Service and Help to South Carolinians – As a community-based medical school, we are committed to caring for the people of the communities in which we serve. Help us aid thousands who may not otherwise have access to quality health care by supporting our partnerships for better health in rural and low-income communities throughout South Carolina.
  • Sustain the Mission of the School of Medicine – Since admitting our first class in 1977, we have earned a national reputation for primary care education, pioneering research and humanistic patient care. Your ongoing support ensures that we remain true to our mission.
  • Educate Future Physicians, Scientists and Health Care Professionals – There is a physician shortage across the country, especially in South Carolina. The majority of our state’s doctors will retire in the next two decades and it takes approximately 12-16 years to produce one doctor. The answer is clear. We need your support to ensure we are sufficiently preparing future physicians and health care professionals to meet the demands of our citizens today and tomorrow.
  • Shape the Future – Help Ensure Better Health for All – Pioneering advancements of health emerge at academic medical institutions like the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine. Endowments solidify our legacy of innovations through funding of scholarships, professorships and research.

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